Ergomètre bateau dragon

dragon boat ergometer

dragon boat ergometer

Posted April 7, 2021:

Quartier des Athlètes is closed: P-Erg training are suspended.

1. Individual training membership: Not available

This package gives you access to an unlimited number of 60-minute individual training session for the following machines:
  • Dragon boat paddling erg
  • Rowing erg
  • Canoe erg
  • Kayak erg
COVID Rules:
  • Hand washing is mandatory upon arrival at QA (Quartier des Athlètes).
  • Physical distance (2m) at all times.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in the QA until you start your training.
  • MAXIMUM 2 people per room at all times.
  • You must wash your ergometer after use.
  • The changing rooms are closed. You have access to toilets.
  • The drinkers are closed, bottle filling is functional.
  • You must leave the site after your training.
General informations:
  • You must book your ergometer online before showing up at the QA.
  • Calendar 2021: from March 26 to May 28.
  • Schedule 2021: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (last reservation possible 7 p.m.)

The following packages can be modified according to the evolution of the COVID19 pandemic. Our refund policy has been updated.

Registration for this package is open to all. 

Registration ERG membership April-May  50$       

* Registration for this package is reserved for members of the Quebec and National Sprint Canoe-Kayak team

Registration Canoe-Kayak membership 80$

2. Group training with coaching: 2021 registrations: NOT AVAILABLE (RED ZONE)

Group training for our paddling pool and paddling will begin in January 2021. We have adapted the training schedule and made changes to our facilities to meet public health standards. 

Details and registrations for indoor group training will be available when Montreal color coded turn ORANGE.

3. Group reservation : NOT AVAILABLE (RED ZONE)

Rent our Paddling Ergs studio for your own team for trainings or for testing.  Twenty ergometers are available for 60-minutes training sessions. Your coach must provide proof of BDC or other coaching certification and an up-to-date certificate of first aid and CPR course when booking.

Details and registrations for indoor group training will be available when Montreal color coded turn ORANGE.

Visit the Group Reservations section for more information.

dragon boat ergometer

Other indoor training options available at H2o:

Dragon boat paddling pool

Weight Room