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Dragon boat races

Dragon boat races

As a leader and specialist in creating and planning dragon boat races in Québec, our team has a proven track record. Whether for corporate activities, fundraising events, introductory days, high level competitions or any other occasion to practice dragon boat, we’ll meet your needs with professionalism and dedication.

Here are a few events we were proud to organize.


Together with 22 Dragons, we organize the Triple crown dragon boat championship. This series of events consists of three competitions that take place at the Montreal Olympic Basin: H2o Open (May), MTL Challenge (July) and Québec Cup (September). When your team takes part in the three competitions, it accumulates a number of points per event. The cumulative score for the three events decides the Triple crown champion.

The Triple crown includes the following divisions and categories:

  • SPORT DIVISION (categories: Mixed, Women and Open)
  • COMMUNITY DIVISION (categories: Mixed, Women)


  1. H2o Open (May).
  2.  MTL Challenge (July).
  3. Québec Cup (September).

Quebec Cup: September 25-26th 2015

Quand : 2015-09-26

Où : Parc Jean Drapeau, Olympic Bassin

Quebec Cup is the third and final stage of the Triple Crown. Quebec Cup is a must for Sports and Community teams. Quebec Cup is organized by 22 DRAGONS. H2oplayground is a proud supporter of the Quebec Cup.

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H2O Open May 28th 2016

H2o Open

Quand : 2016-05-28

Où : Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal

As the first competition of the season on the dragon boat provincial circuit, the H2o Open is now a major event for the SPORT and COMMUNITY teams.

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Canal Festival : June 18th 2016

Quand : 2016-06-18

Où : Lachine Canal

The Canal Festival is back again in 2016! This event is perfect for beginner or corporate teams. Races of 200m. H2oplaygorund and 22 Dragons organize the Canal festival jointly.

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Mtl Challenge Long distance : August 27th 2016

Quand : 2016-08-27

Où : Lachine Canal

Two challenges are available to your team: 14km or 28km. Long distance Challenge is sanctioned by Dragon Boat Canada. This event is jointly organized by H2oplayground and 22 Dragons.

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Drummondville dragon boat festival

Quand : 2020-02-07

The Drummondville dragon boat festival is an August tradition for the dragon boat enthusiast! This highly entertaining competition is known for its laid-back atmosphere and charming site. The Drummondville competition gathers community teams from all regions of Québec.

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