Laval: Team building on the Milles-Îles River

In collaboration with Go Dragon, Laval offers you a great spot for your team building activity.

Dragon boat is an effective way to focus on coordination, the importance of being healthy and on the cohesion of your team at your next team building activity. Introduce your colleagues to the benefits of the practice of dragon boat through one of our packages.

  • Laval, Parc de la Rivière-des-Milles-Îles

    Easy parking, access to: changing rooms, toilets. Our packages at Laval are for groups of 20 to 80 people, from May to October.

  • Focus on team work and healthy living habits

    Passing on corporate values such as healthy competition, coordination, teamwork, working in groups, healthy living habits.

  • Why choose H2o

    Our team building event planning service is proven and recognized for its professionalism and effectiveness. More than 20,000 people a year take part in our team building dragon boat events. Team H2o will assist you with the planning of your event and guarantees fun and smiles.

  • Safe and easy to learn

    Dragon boat is very easy to learn and accessible to all age groups. The boats are stable and safe. All our coaches are certified by Dragon Boat Canada and as medical first responders.

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The dragon boat is a team building activity very affordable. Ask for an estimate, we will come back to you within 24 hours with the details.

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Form a permanent dragon boat team

Many companies opt for the creation of a permanent team of dragon boat after having lived the experience of our team building package.

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