H2oplayground Staff

H2oplayground Staff

Our team of staff and coaches is made up of people who care about health and well-being. All members actively participate in transmitting these values on a daily basis in their work. They work in harmony in the office, on the water and in the gym during lunchtime. Their professionalism makes them a renowned team in the dragon boat community.


The management 

Christian Moreau, Pierre-Olivier Girard

Partners since 2006, Christian and Pierre-Olivier founded H2O in order to reconcile leisure and work. These two formers speed canoe/kayak athletes have over 20 years of experience in coaching and planning dragon boat events. Businessmen in their blood, they have successfully implemented their vision of sport in all the services offered at H2O. The club’s success in recent years has made them a reference in the dragon boat industry.

Permanent employees


Anthony, Maintenance and Equipment Operator

Anthony is our handyman! And for real… he can do everything! In his daily life he repairs and maintains boats, paddles, equipment, transports our boats, participates in the organization of competitions and always creates new equipment to improve the experience of participants. In summer you will see him walking on his skateboard or in the H2O pickup truck, and in winter he puts on his skates during dragon boat races on ice.

Jean-Claude, Club Coordinator 

H2O athlete first with the Draveurs team and now in the Senior Group, Jean-Claude is also involved in the management of the H2O Club. Among other things, he is in charge of managing the club’s teams and staff. You will be able to see it in the office, in the garage but also in our boats to defend the club’s colours.

Ariane, Corporate Events Coordinator

Ariane joined the H2O team as a corporate group coach and is now part of the management team as corporate events coordinator. Although she is now often in the office, you will also see her on the water with school and corporate groups, and during competitions at the boarding area.

Anaïs, Club and Events Coordinator

Freshly arrived from France, Anais is the 2019 recruit of the H2O team. With her many experiences in the field of sports and in particular in the management of a rugby club, she is the ideal person to take charge of the management of our club. You will meet her in the office and in the field at competitive events.

Les coachs



An industrial engineer in life, Dan has been with us since the club was founded. His passion for sport is contagious and he will do everything possible to teach you the dragon boat technique. He has competed in two world championships per dragon boat club in recent years and intends to return as a paddler and coach.


Son-Quan Nguyen Lam

Asian man in his thirties looking for crazy and friendly paddlers who want to be led to glory by getting high while laughing at the slightest opportunity. Trained as an engineer but a green turtle (from Finding Nemo) at heart, he loves walks around the Olympic Basin at sunset, whether walking, SUP or especially by dragon boat. He is celebrating his 15th year in the sport this summer, so come help him celebrate with a beer and a half (no more because he lacks enzymes)!


Denys is joining the H2O family this year! A trainer coming directly from the dragon boat, he uses his experience of international competitions to bring a “little something extra” to paddlers. Denys coaches more but doesn’t paddle less because paddling is fun! He likes to use mimes and strange noises to describe the boat technique, it must come from his job as a sound editor and mixer for television and film! In short, as a coach, he likes to have fun but works very hard to achieve his ambitious goals!

Franck BlaisFrançois

Francois is a man of heart and character. A man of the audience, it was with his bewitching voice that he began his career in radio and television and then gave 200% to his cause, “Ruban en route”. Founder and president of “Ruban en Route” in 2004, Francois has been travelling the roads of Quebec for more than 21 years and now those of Paris, in order to raise awareness among high school students about HIV and STBBI prevention. Since 2006, Francois has been involved in the art of dragon boating, he has now joined the ranks of coaches where he can seduce new athletes with his beautiful voice (and his irresistible calves)!


La mascotte


She is probably the happiest dog in Montreal. This Labrador female is always in a good mood and prowls daily in the Montreal Olympic Basin. All the members of the club know her well because of her hapiness or her permanent smell of a soaked dog… Gougoune is always ready to jump into a dragon boat during training. Watch her carefully when she is in the back of a boat, she oars and barks at her teammates….