Montreal Outrigger

Montreal Outrigger

April 28th 2020

Due to the COVID19 crisis, OC subscriptions are temporarily suspended. We are awaiting for the directives and the decision of the city of Montreal to know if the practice of the Outrigger will be possible for the 2020 season.

What is an Outrigger (OC) ?

The OC is a long, narrow boat equipped with a pendulum (AMA) that facilitates balance and makes it very stable. There are boats with one, two and six seats. The paddles used have an angle and are rounded in shape. The OC technique is very similar to that of the dragon boat. It is also possible to use a dragon boat paddle.

The OC is a boat that is perfectly suited for beginners who have never paddled before. Thus, at your own pace and in a safe way, you will gradually learn the joys of sliding and the required individual technique.

For advanced paddlers, you will find in the OC the opportunity to increase your individual technique and fitness by learning to “slide” an individual boat.The outrigger is also known to be a very good testing tool, an excellent way to test the individual performance of dragon boat paddlers.

Our boats 

OC1 CLUB | Kawan




Single boat, AMA: left & right,  fiberglass construction, weight 20Kg Single boat, AMA: left , carbon construction, weight 10KG Two persons boat,  Left AMA , fiberglass construction, weight 40Kg Six persons boat, Left AMA, carbon construction , environ Weight 150KG

Rental for individual testing

To all dragon boat coaches and experienced rowers! You have the possibility to rent an OC1 (left and right) to test your individual performances or those of your team athletes.

Price per hour: 15$/h per boat 

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Our OC-6 will be available for rent and we will also offer organized group sessions (details to come). 

For more information about our Oc-6, contact us.

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Your boat storage

We offer you the possibility of storing your own boat at the Olympic Basin for a renewable period of one year.

To obtain all the necessary information concerning our storage offer, click here.