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Vaccine passport

Vaccine passport

Published August 31, 2021

Following the recent announcements made by the Quebec public health authorities, we inform you that dragon boat is one of the sports that will require the vaccination passport starting in September 2021. 

The implementation of the vaccine passport verification protocol will require a period of adjustment. We thank you in advance for your collaboration! 

Here are the procedures that we will be testing over the next few weeks. We will adjust the procedures below as needed. 

1. Club: Regular dragon boat teams: 

Starting in September 2021, the Quebec government requires us to check the vaccination passports of our dragon boat members. Our responsibility as an organization is to ensure that all crew members (regular paddlers or substitute steer-coaches) are double-vaccinated. 

The following procedures will be followed by the captains and all club members: 

Option #1: 

  • Each team captain will need to collect the QR codes of all members of their teams.
  • The team members should send their captains a screenshot of their QR codes (see example below).
  • Once all the QR codes are collected in one file, the captains will have to send them to us by email at using the WETRANSFER platform. 
  • Captains will also have to provide us with a list of names of their team members including: Names, first names and emails. For our teams in packages, this step is not necessary since we already have the lists. For teams who are renting our boats, this step is necessary. 
  • The QR codes of the members of each team will be “scanned” by H2o from the files sent by the captains.
  • Once this procedure is completed, the team will have the green light to practice. 
  • Substitutes during a practice: If a person comes to paddle with your team as a substitute, the captain must send us a screenshot of the QR code.  
  • Here is an example of the QR code that members must send to their captain: 










Option #2: 

For team captains who are not comfortable with option 1 above, it is possible to arrange for an H2o staff to be on site prior to your training to verify your members’ vaccination passports. Contact us to schedule this verification option at

2. Corporate groups: 

Vaccination passports for corporate groups will be checked on site, prior to the activity by a member of the H2o team. As of mid-September 2021, a person who does not have his or her vaccination passport will not be able to participate in the activity. 

3. School groups: 

Two business days prior to the event, the group organizer must provide us with a list of names of participants attesting that all vaccine passports of the students on the list have been checked by the school prior to the event.